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Starting Documentation

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After neglecting the documentation since the beginning of this project, I’ve started very slowly documenting the various files, filters and actions included in this theme. Eventually, I’ll also get around to documenting the custom functions, too; but I’m starting with the actions and filters. Hopefully I’ll eventually get everything documented so that people might actually be able to use this theme.

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The ten321-footer-text filter is applied to the footer text before it is output to the screen.

This filter receives one parameter: the text that should be output in the footer. Currently, the default footer text is set to:

<summary>&copy; ' . ( ( 2011 != date("Y") ? '2011-' : '' ) ) . date("Y") . '</summary>
<p>This theme is based on the Ten-321 Framework, which was developed by <a href="http://ten-321.com/">Ten-321 Enterprises</a>.</p>

However, that is configurable through the Theme Options. Then, either the default text or the text you configured in the Theme Options is run through the ten321-footer-text filter.

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The ten-321-before-footer action is called from the footer.php file, and runs after the footer navigation menu (nav-footer.php) and the above-footer sidebar (sidebar-above-footer.php) have been included. The action occurs before the opening <footer> tag.

This action does not send any parameters.

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The Ten-321 Framework Initial Beta

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After developing quite a few custom themes for WordPress, either by hacking bits and pieces of the current WordPress default theme or by building one from scratch, I began to recognize functions and features that I was constantly rewriting for each client. Finally, I decided that it was time to begin working from a single parent theme (sometimes referred to as a framework; although traditional frameworks are generally slightly more involved and are actually included as libraries in themes, a parent theme in WordPress does offer a framework of sorts from which to work). Read more…

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